Recipe videos production

Food companies worldwide are using videos to increase brand visibility and get followers on social networks. At Proforma Visual Communication, we have been producing photos and videos of recipes for over 15 years.

As a video and photography production agency specializing in food, one of our favorite jobs is the creation of video cooking recipes. And it has a reason.

Video recipes are:

  • Relatively cheap to produce
  • Fun to create
  • They are the ideal content of social networks

We help numerous clients to promote their various brands and products by creating this type of multimedia content that is very popular among the public.

A cheap and lasting asset

In our studio in the Barcelona area we can shoot multiple video recipes in one day, which means that production costs per finished video recipe are often much lower than many clients would expect. In addition, video recipes do not have an expiration date, so the video recipes will be on the web year after year, shared, commented and enjoyed by the public.

A positive brand image

The creation of video recipes offers the public content that is really valuable to them, without having the feeling that they are being sold something or that they are watching just another advertising video. By producing content that adds value to the purchase of the product and gives the public the information and inspiration they are looking for, it creates a commitment to the brand.

Food recipe videosFull production service

As a photo and video production agency we have a long experience in creating videos and photos with food as the hero. We can produce video recipes in a variety of styles and environments and on different locations. Whatever your particular preference, we can help you obtain the crucial ingredients to deliver a successful project.

The work phases for a video recipe

At Proforma Visual Communication, we focus on 3 key phases that we believe are essential to make videos successful commercially. Our experienced production team will guide you through the process:

1. Have the correct video content strategy

A successful strategy can only be developed taking into account the particularities of each brand. This requires research and knowledge about your goals, target audience and competitors. This strategy is key to obtaining the expected results.

2. Creative development

During this phase we created the recipe, the script and the story we want to tell in the video. All this based on the ideas we get from research.

3. The production

This is the production stage of the video, where we cook, shoot the video, edit it with a good rhythm and in a variety of shots, making it look hugely attractive. This is also where our food stylist does her magic and turns the dishes into small photogenic works of art.

How long does it take to produce a finished video recipe?

The time of preparation and realization of a single video is generally between 4 days and a week. If a video has to include the customer’s product, we can start working once the product has arrived. If the product is already available at points of sale, we can purchase it directly to save time.

How much does it cost?

Whether product demonstrations or production of recipe videos, we can always create a session based on your needs. We have also created a series of video recipe production packages as a fixed cost solution to help you manage your budgets. Each of these can be adapted to your needs by using our optional extras. A very popular package is the 60 second video for Instagram. To know more you can contact Hans: ++34 689021166 or send an email:

A bit of technology:

All videos are recorded in our studio in the Barcelona area with professional cameras, professional software and creative editing so that your videos are exciting and fun to watch.

The realization of the videos is done in 4k with various shooting angles and special effects such as slow motion, fast motion, camera movements and zoom.

Your video will be delivered in the 1080 × 1080 (square) format for Instagram and in the FullHD format (1920 × 1080) for YouTube and other media.

Where are we located?

Our studio is located at 40 km from Barcelona, Spain ​​on the Mediterranean coast. We work remotely for companies worldwide. Companies send us their product, we produce the video and we deliver it.